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step-by-step collaboration process

Discovery Session

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First things first, we’ll kick things off with a discovery call. (Email works fine, too, if you’d prefer it!)

This is where I’ll learn about your project scope, business objectives and current challenges, and you’ll get a sense of whether we’ll be a great fit!

After our call, I’ll perform some initial research to get a better understanding of your business and its immediate challenges as discussed.


Website Audit Analysis | lsiakaela.com

During my research, I’ll review the notes from our call and explore into the competitive market for your business. I’ll be evaluating competitors’ websites, checking SEO keyword trends for your industry, and more.

Proposal Terms

Proposal Statement of Work | lisakaela.com

Next, I’ll draft a proposal which covers: project scope, your business goals, strategies & solutions, and an estimated project timeline.

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Brochure | lisakaela.com

Once you accept my proposal and sign the agreement, I’ll finalize the project delivery date, and you’ll make your first payment deposit (typically a 50% initial deposit, where the remaining invoice total would be due upon project completion).

The Writing Room

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Once the contract is signed and the initial deposit has been received, you can find me working away in my office, with a Venti Flat White. ☕

Project Updates

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Throughout the working process, I’ll keep you posted on all major milestone updates via email.


069 proofreading

Once the project is completed and ready for review, you’ll receive temporary access to the draft(s), and we’ll set up a call to discuss your thoughts.

This is also where I’ll be making notes for revisions (if needed).


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Every project is entitled to 2 complementary rounds of revisions as part of your package, or as outlined in our contract agreement.

Revision turnarounds are typically completed within 24-48 hours.

Project Delivery

Project Completion | lisakaela.com

Once all is said and done — alas! Your project is ready for launch.

You’ll settle the final milestone on the project invoice, and receive full access and rights to your project.

Content Publishing & Distribution

Content Marketing | lisakaela.com

Content is published. We’ll monitor for performance, and you’ll receive a final, project-end report.


Happy Client | lisakaela.com

As always, you may feel free to book a call with me at any time to discuss any of your project needs!

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