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Lisa Kaela Yu | Copywriter & Content Strategist |

Hi, I’m Lisa and I help eCommerce brands & creative entrepreneurs (that’s you!) curate copy
& content that generates traffic, leads + sales for your business.

POWER UP your online presence

All the things you can accomplish by working with me:

1. Conversion copywriting that just clicks.

Boost Website Conversion Rates |

The digital realm of online business is a dog-eat-dog world. The truth is, if the customer’s not buying from you, they’re buying from your competitors.

But you have the power to captivate those customers with headlines and content that resonate with their needs.

You need a seasoned copywriter who can make words work for your business.

My client case studies include dramatic increases in online sale conversions, increased engagement from both new + returning customers to take action, emails sent to quiet mailing lists that finally get read (and replied to!), and more.

I can’t wait to share all of my methods, case studies and insights with you.

2. Industry-standard search engine optimization.

Quality SEO Keyword Research |

Besides for all of the things you should be doing to improve your SEO, I often highlight how it is equally as important to avoid making common mistakes and errors that could actually get your website penalized.

Let’s put this into perspective: Keyword cannibalization is a real thing.

In fact:

The reason is simple: when you have multiple pages ranking for the same keyword, you’re actually competing with yourself.

Aleh Barysevich, “How to Identify & Eliminate Keyword Cannibalization to Boost Your SEO”, Search Engine Journal

My work keeps your website up to date with the latest SEO algorithm guidelines straight from the horse’s mouth (Google Webmasters).

Work with me and I’ll turn your SEO reports into something to actually look forward to.

I work with industry-standard, top-rated SEO tools that can render professional reports and insights to prime your website with proper search engine optimization.

Then, you can sit back and relax a little knowing that your SEO is on-point, and that your website is ready to take on all that new, organic sales traffic.

3. SEO blog content tailored to the right audience.

Increase Brand Visibility |

Allow me to lighten the workload for you.

Clear, emotive language > loud, sales-y marketing tips, “tricks” and tactics. You can also say goodbye to paying-too-much for PPC ads, too often.

We’ll create captivating headlines and serve share-worthy articles to the right audience.

We’ll accomplish this through intensive research + proven, conversion-driven content frameworks used by industry leaders (e.g. top digital marketing pros & agencies around the world).

We will use your blog as an avenue to start genuine, honest conversations with your audience.

This is also where my top secret weapon – empathy – comes into play.

Understanding and compassion, for your audience’s pain points and doubts, helps me produce top-ranking SEO content for my clients on a consistent basis year after year, regardless of audience size and/or niche category.

Each line of copy is an opportunity for your audience to take action.

Make your words worthwhile.

Refresh your brand voice with clear & concise copy today:

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